Google Pixel 7 phone update

In this article we will know about Google Pixel 7 update. Read the full article and know what new updates Google Pixel 7 has brought.

Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Professional are important phones for many reasons, but one of the biggest is how they support apps. Incidentally, the Pixel 7 series with basic Android phones restricts support for non-64-bit apps. What does this mean for you?

Google Pixel 7 phone update
Google Pixel 7 phone update

We need to talk. It is not a mystery that Google is following the future where Android is a 64-bit system, but one that respects 32-bit programs. What is the difference between the two?

Strictly speaking, the 64-bit format can access memory addresses significantly, resulting in both performance and security improvements. Google demonstrated speed improvements in Chrome for Android, for example, when it moved to 64-bit processors.

Android took steps to support 64-bit apps back in 2011 with the shipping of Android 5.0, but the situation has been limited to 32-bit apps in the years since.

It was in 2019 that Google decided to make 64-bit support a requirement for all apps distributed on the Google Play Store, the main source of Android apps, with the Play Store consuming apps that are not 64-bit supported. bit or not supported. ‘no 64 cycle variant.

Now, Google is taking the next step by providing Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Professional with 64-digit app support, but not through a hard block. According to Mishaal Rahman, the Pixel 7 series only supports 64-bit apps.

The app doesn’t run on different 64 bit Android versions but it blocks the creation of 32 digit apps and the message “the app can’t be installed because the app doesn’t work on your phone” appears when the client tries to install 32-bit software.What does this mean for you?

Basically, Google’s change to only support 64-bit apps on the Pixel 7 series should affect your experience in a noticeable way. This is largely due to the foundation that Google has in the last 10 years in creating support for 64 digits in Android.

One of the apps that sounds like a 32-round app is the dud hit Flappy Bird, which hasn’t really caught on since the game got great but its conclusion is awesome.

Rahman also said that one version of the Stone smartwatch app does not support 64 digits, indicating that the most functional smartwatches, which are really useful even if they are not supported, cannot be connected to the new Pixel phones in demand. .

Obviously, there are also good prospects from this. Rahman said that the power efficiency and timing benchmarks on apps with more than 4GB of Smash bounce back 5-10%.

Meanwhile, the Google Pixel tablet should be running Android 64-bit for sure, because Android 14 can do this further for various applications.

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